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Alive or Dead


Boss Jewels Location

Below are displayed all players who have Boss Jewels.
This ranking was updated in 21/11/2019 at 06:14.

Item Name Player Name Clan
Earring of Antharas (1) BhooT FuNKiLL
Ring of Baium (1) BIGBOSS ChoraBoy
Earring of Zaken (1) BIGBOSS ChoraBoy
Earring of Orfen (1) FaaeL FuNKiLL
Earring of Zaken (1) FakeNeWs ChoraBoy
Ring of Queen Ant (1) HeaveN fckingPLEBS
Ring of Queen Ant (1) StylerNokiLL FuNKiLL
1º   Furia 398
2º   JezzaBeL 305
3º   Yun 246
4º   LuD 205
5º   FrozenWater 203
1º   xDeezer 122
2º   OP 110
3º   Scalper 61
4º   Akihiro 49
5º   TheCrazerKilleR 48
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